Movember has come to an end, and soon I will remove the moustache that I groomed so carefully during the month of November. Before I shave, though, I want to thank everyone who sponsored my moustache.

The Acquia team, of which I am a part, raised a whopping $23,500 USD, and donations are still coming in. That puts us in the top 25 teams nationally. When we first started talking about doing a Movember campaign at Acquia, no one would have thought we'd have the impact that we did since we conducted the program with a relatively small team. I continue to be amazed by what this team can do when we put our minds together to achieve something.

Acquia team collage

Myself, I raised a total of $699 for the team. When I wrote my Movember announcement post, I jokingly said that I'd humiliate myself publicly by posting pictures when I raised more than $500. While some people gave me money not to post any pictures, or to shave prematurely, I still owe it to many others to show the result of my mo' growing efforts. Pictures or it didn't happen.

Day thirty
Day thirty

Of course, the real "thank you" should go to the many people that donated money to our cause. Thanks to them a significant amount of money will go to cancer awareness and research. Thank you!


Hans Nilsson (not verified):

Keep it!
I took part of a similar campaign here in Sweden in april. The moustache is still there :)

Tom Erickson (not verified):

It was a lot of fun in addition to benefiting a great cause. The team is currently 17th nationally, with more to come, as Dries mentioned. I would like to add my thanks to the many folks who donated to the Fu Man Drupal team. Our team's performance places along side of well known brands like Campbell Soup, TIAA-Creff and General Electric.

There were almost 65,000 Movember participants in the USA. Wow.