(The video above was shot last week when Jay and I were driving to work. Jay said 'December' but really meant 'January'.)

As you might have read on the Acquia website, Acquia is six people now. We had the fortune of being able to hire some really smart people:

We're also working with an external firm that acts as a part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Together, it makes for an impressive team that is gearing up rapidly.

We're currently determining what products to develop, how to build them, and who to sell them to. Soon, we'll be identifying real customers to validate our product ideas. We're also looking to grow the team so we can start developing our first products.

At the same time, we're working with the Drupal community to advance the Drupal project: Gabor is working feverishly on the Drupal 6 release; Jay, Jeff and Kieran are part of the DrupalCon Boston team and myself, I'm spearheading the election of the Drupal Association's next Board of Directors, helping with the Drupal 6 release, and more.

We're only getting started, but it has already been quite a ride so far ...


Khalid -- 2bits.com (not verified):

So, are you moving to Boston? Snow looks nice when you see it for a week or you go to a snow resort. But when you have storm after storm after storm for 3-4 months, you get sick of it.

The snowbanks (mounds of snow cleared from driveways and roads) are dangerous. They block your vision, and it is dangerous to back out of a driveway and not being able to see pedestrians and other cars.

Luckily, we had some warm weather last week and all those snow banks disappeared.

But we will get more snow for sure from now till early April.

Think again if you want to make Boston your base.

Jeff Whatcott (not verified):

@Khalid: New England weather can be a challenge at times, but I kind of like the drama of having high intensity versions of all four seasons. For example, a Noreaster is bearing down on us tonight and is expected to drop over 30cm of snow. School will probably be canceled and I'll have to find time to get out the snow blower and dig out my driveway. But I'm kind of looking forward to it as an adventure. It keeps life interesting. And the spring, summer, and fall each have their own special joys.

dgtlmoon (not verified):

It would be more interesting to hear how you will ensure Drupal receives the benefits from these products you are planning on building, and how you will use these resources to alleviate existing issues with Drupal and leverage further commercial interest(s) with Drupal's core development in the future.


I'll let you know once we have figured out what to build ... Suggestions?