Last week in San Francisco, Jay and I spent some time at the Wired office with Wired's Michael Calore and Scott Loganbill. Of course, we took this as an opportunity to evangelize Drupal so we sat down in Wired's Webmonkey zoo to talk about Drupal and Acquia. Check out the transcript of our conversation that was published on Thanks for the office tour Michael and Scott!


christefano (not verified):

It was a pleasure to see Webmonkey feature an interview with you and Jay. I'm glad they're back after such a long hiatus and I'm really glad they're posting great content again -- including the interview!

Would you comment on Jay's statement regarding Drupal's "Community Plumbing" slogan and how he categorized it as a thing of the past? You're welcome to leave a comment on my weblog, as well, where I focused on Jay's interesting comment.