Long term Drupal developer Jeff Eaton continues to inspire and as a result, Zappos started using Drupal on http://about.zappos.com. Zappos.com is an e-commerce website with more than $1 billion in revenue, and well known for their legendary customer service and culture.

To learn more about what Jeff did, and how Zappos is using Drupal, you can read the detailed write-up on drupal.org. An excerpt:

At the end of 2007 we implemented blogs.zappos.com using Jive's Clearspace software. We considered using Clearspace to be our CMS of choice but by early 2008 the absence of certain features and other issues made us consider other options. We had a front-end developer working on adding more blogs to blogs.zappos.com and a new hire, Geoff, who we assigned to about.zappos.com. The idea was to let each work on their projects and occasionally switch places and work on the other CMS so they could compare and contrast the features and development time. Drupal ended up being superior in terms of templating and development as well as adding new features and ease of use for the end user.

About zappos


Caleb (not verified):

Err...unless I'm missing something Jeff didn't actually work on this project directly. Sounds like he provided some early inspiration, but other than that sounds like a lot of other people were the ones to actually do this site...

Jeff Eaton (not verified):

While I'll never object to a link from Dries' blog ;) Caleb's right! Alex and I chatted at SXSW about what Zappos was working on, and we've connected since then about other internal projects, but the work Zappos is doing is definitely their own. It's a great example, I think, of how organizations that need tools can run with Drupal on their own and produce great stuff!

Thanks for the write-up, Dries!

John Coonen (not verified):

Excellent choice for Zappos to use Drupal. The folks who worked on Zappos did a great job. Jeff's lit a few Drupal candles along his path.