Today, we're excited to announce that Acquia has closed a $55 million financing round, bringing total investment in the company to $188.6 million. Led by new investor Centerview Capital Technology, the round includes existing investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Split Rock Partners.

We are in the middle of a big technological and economic shift, driven by the web, in how large organizations and industries operate. At Acquia, we have set out to build the best platform for helping organizations run their businesses online, help them invent new ways of doing business, and maximize their digital impact on the world. What Acquia does is not at all easy -- or cheap -- but we've made good strides towards that vision. We have become the backbone for many of the world's most influential digital experiences and continue to grow fast. In the process, we are charting new territory with a very unique business model rooted Drupal and Open Source.

A fundraise like this helps us scale our global operations, sales and marketing as well as the development of our solutions for building, delivering and optimizing digital experiences. It also gives us flexibility. I'm proud of what we have accomplished so far, and I'm excited about the big opportunity ahead of us.


Ryan (not verified):

Awesome, congrats Dries! Excited to see the money put to good use on executing the vision. Keep up the awesome work!

Jake Dorn (not verified):

Congrats Dries, excited to see you and the team continue to build great products.


Acquia is responsible for about 5-10% of all the technical work on Drupal 8. While that is a relatively small number, it makes us the #1 contributor to Drupal 8. More than 3,000 different people contributed patches to Drupal 8 core! It goes to show how big, diverse and active the Drupal community is. As Acquia, we might increase our level of investment in contributing to Drupal, but I don't think it would be healthy or feasible for Acquia to do the majority (50%) of the development on Drupal 8.

Toon Vanagt (not verified):

Big congrats Dries on raising another 55M$!
Our world can't have enough (Belgian) success stories on how to marry open source software with sustainable business models! I wish you little growth pains and lots of fun. :)
Cheers, Toon

Chuta (not verified):

Wao, its so wonderful to see how a Fortune 500 Company built on Drupal and OpenSouce is emerging in the middle of this "big technological and economic shift". It's the fruit of vision and commitments. Bravo Dries. What a great time to be alive!

Dorien (not verified):

Awesomely done! Congrats Dries. It's so cool to see Acquia and Drupal grow this big!

Vincent Poizat (not verified):

Congratulations Dries for this financing round. Will some of this money be spent with universities/engineering school so that more students can get trained on Drupal? Here in France there is a dramatic lack of Drupal skills that stifles the development of Drupal in our country.

DrupalMaze (not verified):

Dries Buytaert,

Congrats from team!

We hope there is some money that can be spent on the universities & schools. We are helping university of Minnesota to solve challenges and to build hassle free drupal website.

Neeraj (not verified):

This is great news!

There been few discussion where someone said, Drupal is dying. Thats just because Google trend shows southward graph.

This news definitely shows the faith of industry in Drupal and the future. It will go long way to help product managers in enterprise IT implementation to make case of Drupal who are in doubt.

Toan (not verified):

Good news. Big congratulations to Acquia. I'm big fan of Drupal.