Radio Donna, a big Belgian radio station, relaunched using Drupal. Check it out at


My favorite radio station, Studio Brussel (StuBru), was already using Drupal.


Dries Knapen (not verified):

Nobody speaks Belgian because that's a non-existent language :)

About 60% of the Belgian citizens speak Dutch, 40% speak French, and a small minority speaks German. is in Dutch.

It's really nice to see VRT (the broadcasting company that owns both Donna and Stubru) switching some of their 12 sites to Drupal. 2 sites done, 10 more to go.

Itkovian (not verified):

They had better switched their main news website to Drupal as well. At least I hope it's not running Drupal, because that design -- unlike Donna's -- is not very nice (and I'm expressing myself quite politely here).

I hope that this will give Drupal some more visibility in Belgium, as it seems to be still relatively unknown. The Belgian web community sure could use such a boost.

Steven (not verified):

Looks like there exists a nice tool for Donna (and other VRT radio station fans): NOA (

It displays song info in the firefox statusbar, and looks like that site uses Drupal too!!!

Looks like the author prefers Studio Brussel too, as it is the default radio station ...