I successfully defended my PhD last week -- you can find a copy of my PhD dissertation on my about page. As Dries is derived from Andre, and Dre is short for Andre, you can call me Dr. Dre now. ;-)

On Monday, I'll be packing up my desk at Ghent University, and as of Tuesday, I'll turn full-time to my hobby for the first time in seven years. I fully expect that to be a whole lot of hard work, but I'm really looking forward to finally being able to unleash my raw passion and energy in a very focused manner.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to my two advisers, Prof. Koen De Bosschere and Prof. Lieven Eeckhout for offering me the chance to be part of their research group and for having been extraordinary mentors. I'd also like to thank my colleagues at Ghent University who provided an enjoyable research environment and who have helped me understand how to do research. Thanks!

Phd defense


Wim Leers (not verified):

Dr. Dré

Catchy! I like it :) So cool that it almost makes me forget that you've had to go through boatloads of work to be able to name yourself like that. Congratulations! ;)

P.S.: you didn't just do that PhD for the name, did you?

bertboerland (not verified):

congrats man! I got a couple of friends who became "Dr." and I think I know from a distance how much work it is and how much frustration comes with it.

And I know first hand how much time "being a dad" is. So kudos for combining those two (as well to Karlijn for putting up with you :-).

dvessel (not verified):

Congratulations Dr. Dré! You'll be scouting for new artists, no? ;)

Khalid -- 2bits.com (not verified):

Congrats man! Good thing, specially when it is over ...

It took me a while to get used to "Dries", only to have Dries Knappen confuse me. Then a couple of years to learn how to spell Buytaert, only to find a blog on the Drupal planet with Kris Buytaert!

Now Dr. Dre? I will try to practice that.

Congratulations again ...

Drupal guy (not verified):

Well done, you deserve it!

You are lucky that you can work on what you like most (Drupal). And the community is also lucky that Acquia will make Drupal better.

webchick (not verified):

WOW!! Huge congratulations to you, Dr. :) I know that this has been something you've been working on since before I've known you, and that you have dedicated tons of time and dedication to its pursuit. Much respect.

Can't wait to see what awesome things you're about to pursue next. :)

James Walker (not verified):

Dude, huge congrats! I guess you can't really sit back and relax now since you've got a company to kick start... but don't forget to savor the moment and enjoy your family time.

Keep rockin' it, Dre. We're all crazy proud :)

(p.s. who's your Snoop Dogg?)

Ezra Gildesgame (not verified):

Congratulations, Dries. You've done a great job leading the project while being a PhD student and neither of these things are is a minor commitment. Looking forward to good things from your work at Acquia.

Itkovian (not verified):

Congratulations! As for the environment, well ... the feeling is mutual ;-)

I am not sure we actually helped you understand how to do research (I hope you do not count the cover-your-desk-with-paper-so-you-look-busy principle is included), I think it is a road to be walked together by those aspiring to be called Dr. (if only when nobody else is around ;-) And if we showed you things, you showed us Things.

Benjamin Melançon (not verified):

Hearty congratulations, and that's heady stuff:

... profile information is used to identify frequently executed methods, and to help the JVM make better optimization decisions at runtime. ... To control the overhead, it uses a sampling mechanism rather than instrumentation. Hence, we called this contribution HPM-sampling. We illustrate that by propagating profile information captured by the hardware to the Java Virtual Machine, we are able to identify frequently executed methods faster and more accurately compared to profiling techniques implemented in software.

What if anything might be applicable to extreme PHP optimization? Not to be too insular or anything ;-) (Although for the Java people also stopping by to congratulates Dries, who want a FOSS web project, http://SocialWay.org needs you!)

S- (not verified):

Proficiat. Jammer dat de verdediging blijkbaar meteen het voorlopige einde van je aanwezigheid aan de UGent betekent, hetgeen vanzelfsprekend jammer is voor de instelling.

Blair (not verified):

Congratulations Dr. Dre, that is great news. And good luck with your full time Drupal journey. You have already brought so much to so many with your "hobby".

Jeff Robbins (not verified):

Nice work, Dries! I know how hard you worked for this and all that you set aside to achieve this goal. I'm really happy for you and excited that you'll finally be able to unleash yourself into Drupal. Drupal 7 doesn't know what its got coming!

As If Productions (not verified):

With great excitement, we look forward to your return to the Drupal forum (as if you ever left - doctor, father, husband and frequent poster - how do you do it!?)

Congratulations and Respects to Dr Dre!

Patrick (not verified):

Proficiat Dr.

Opgelet als je van jouw hobby je werkt maakt. Ik heb het ook meegemaakt 7 jaar geleden toen ik ICT-coördinator werd in 5 basisscholen. Ik had toen plots geen hobby meer en de grens tussen hobby en werk kan ik nog altijd niet trekken. Vandaar dat mijn vrouw soms vraagt: Wanneer ga jij eens een normale hobby hebben zoals lezen?

Gelukkig kan ik af en toe genieten van de fotografie, een hobby die jij geloof ik ook beoefent.

Anonymous (not verified):

Quadrupal w00t! Gefeliciteerd Dries! I think your star and Drupal's have yet to really start shining - and become one of the brightest ones on the internet.

rport (not verified):

Well done!

Now you will have to change your banner at the top of your personal web site...

No longer "PHD student at the University of Ghent (Belgium)"

Now something like

Founder of Acquia, providing value-added software products and services for Drupal

or whatever you like!


Shai Gluskin (not verified):

Congratulations, Dries! Your are a great role model.

Can you help us out on the pronunciation of Dr. Dre? Is it pronounced "Dreee" or "Dray"? -- or somehow else?

Learning how to pronounce Buytaert is too challenging a goal to set (I'm pleased now that I can spell it without having to look it up), but, with a little help, I think I can get "Dr. Dre" right.