We've just achieved a big and exciting milestone in Drupal 8's development: starting with Drupal 8 beta 15, we are providing beta-to-beta upgrade paths. This will make it much easier to update Drupal 8 development sites between the current beta and future betas and release candidates.

There has been a lot of excitement building around Drupal 8. Many have been wondering when to start building Drupal 8 sites. The answer for many is NOW.

This change signals an important opportunity for organizations to begin developing with Drupal 8, especially for:

  • Sites that rely mainly on the expanded functionality provided by Drupal 8 core alone.
  • Projects that will take months of development time.
  • Sites for which the benefits of Drupal 8's outweigh the effort needed to port (or work around) contributed modules that do not yet have Drupal 8 versions.

I strongly encourage you to evaluate Drupal 8 for your upcoming projects. Also, if you haven't already, now is the time to port contributed modules so they are ready in time for Drupal 8's release! There are only about five release-blocking issues left before we create the first release candidate.

Note that betas are not supported releases of Drupal, and both developing and launching sites with beta releases present risks. However, I'm pleased that various Drupal agencies, including Acquia, are helping to eliminate those risks through support, development, and hosting optimized for Drupal 8.

Before you get started with Drupal 8, be sure to review all the release notes for beta 15.


webchick (not verified):

We did indeed start shipping with hook_update_N() in beta12, but erred on the conservative side and withheld a wider announcement of the availability of the upgrade path to site builders until now because we just closed the last remaining critical upgrade path bug last week (PostgreSQL excluded). In earlier betas, while the upgrade path functioned, it could result in data corruption issues under certain circumstances (see https://www.drupal.org/node/2542748).

Dan (not verified):

Yeah I tried it in 14 and was greeted by a full page of errors so wondering how improved this is now. Fingers crossed so I can get into Drupal 8 properly!

Dan (not verified):

Will the beta15 upgrades enable you to upgrade from beta to the release candidate when it is out ?

Dan (not verified):

Awesome time to start porting over my 6 Drupal sites then!

Asif (not verified):

As per the post, yes it will be available.

"This will make it much easier to update Drupal 8 development sites between the current beta and future betas and release candidates."

Evan Liebman (not verified):

Fantastic job by Jonathan Hedstrom (jhedstrom) in leading the charge in configuring the HEAD to HEAD module.

Dennis Dewey (not verified):

This is great news! I will start developing new projects in Drupal 8 going forward and will use this milestone as an excuse to break into module development. I have contributed to a few modules here and there but would like to do a few of my own.


Looking forward to your contributions, Dennis! While we welcome any contribution, keep in mind that the most impactful way to contribute at this point in the release cycle is to help upgrade the most commonly used contributed modules (e.g. pathauto, token, memcache, webforms, rules, panels, panelizer, embed, media, media entity, etc). Let me know if you need more guidance.

Pawel Ginalski (not verified):

Congratulations to the whole community, I've been looking forward for this news!

How probable is a beta 14 to beta 15 upgrade? Is at least a beta 14 configuration export compatible?

gbyte's home (gbyte.co) is on Drupal 8 now and I would like it to stay updated. ;)


For core alone, beta 14 to beta 15 works as far as we know (or at least no one has reported a serious bug with it as far as I know). But I think that some contributed modules might run into problems if they have their own update functions based on core beta 14 assumptions that have changed for beta 15.

Stijn (not verified):

This is great news! A lot of people were waiting for this milestone in the development of Drupal 8.
I think from this moment Drupal 8 is coming out of the starting blocks!


Let's hope so, Stijn! These are exciting times for the Drupal community.

Dbt102 (not verified):

What will be the EASIEST way to do a beta to beta upgrade? 'drush up' ?

Irfan Ahmed (not verified):

Wow, this is a good news for Drupal developers, who were eagerly waiting to work on Drupal 8 for their projects.