Hagen Graf, author of a German Drupal book, recently donated 700 EUR to the Drupal Association. This money comes from a German Drupal 5 training video that he made together with Video2brain. For every copy they sold, 1.25 EUR was set aside for the Drupal Association, and over the course of six months, this added up to a 700 EUR donation.


If you do the math, it is easy enough to figure out that they sold 600 copies in 6 months. So not only did they contribute 700 EUR to the Drupal Assocation, they also helped 600 Germans to get started with Drupal. A double hit!

Assuming that the above is correct and given that the DVD sells for 39,95 EUR a copy, it means that this German training video generated roughly 24,000 EUR in revenue. I don't know how much of that is left after they extract all the expenses, discounts and donations, but it does make me wonder about the potential of a Drupal training video recorded in English ...


Wim Leers (not verified):

Well, it's simple. At least a couple of thousand copies would be sold. The problem is: who's going to do it? The Lullabots? Or is somebody else going to step up? It seems you could even make a living off this...

Bockereyer (not verified):

Seems to me a lot of people all over the world could make a decent living providing all kinds of Drupal services. I think there is a huge market out there. For the moment the most Drupal people I know are highly skilled technical people. Technical people are seldom commercial people. You may have the best technical solution on hand but when nobody does decent marketing you get nowhere quick. Betamax and Philips V2000 where far more superior then VHS but you know where they ended up.

I'm into corporate business and I experience first hand how reluctant decision makers are about implementing open source software. As I see it, the main reason is there are almost no firms that can deliver and guarantee long term support for a complete solution.

My advice, technical and marketing people team up, find financial support to secure the future of your business and the sky is the limit!

Sh.t this was about Drupal training videos. I will certainly buy the English training video.

Janne (not verified):

24,000 EUR looks like a huge amount at first sight. But you have to take in account that the price of 39.95 EUR includes VAT which is 19% in Germany. Furthermore wholesale dealers like Amazon take another 40 to 50 percent! All together the total turnover is far away from 24,000 EUR and unfortunately turnover and profit are not the same.

Btw, I agree with what Bockereyer said about technical people vs. sales people ;-) I think there is high potential in Drupal business and someone can make a living with these kind of things. But at the moment there is no gold-rush. Maybe it's a better idea to invest in Amazon stock. ;-)

Davorin (not verified):

Video obviously has great potential, but there are people in the world who don't speak German! I'd buy it, if it was in English, 100%.

So, I appeal to the publishers of German training video, to simply translate it, and make a lot of people happy: them as publishers, the Drupal Association, and of course, us, Drupal users. ;)

Hagen Graf (not verified):

I have made this video because I thought it was necessary. At the end of 2005 I had written a Drupal 4.7 book with a focus on beginners. When Drupal 5 came out my time schedule did not allow me to write another book (the new book was necessary, because the Drupal world had a lot of changes between 4.7 and 5.x). Instead, I decided to record this video. From my perspective it was a success (not a financial success, I can assure you :-)). When you are writing books or doing this video stuff, you earn more or less nothing but it is a good way to reach out to clients and you learn a lot about Drupal and the community.

Have you ever tried to start donations in a publisher's house? Together with Alex Kempkens from the Joomla! team I have talked for months to Addison-Wesley to do so. Now it is working!. The people from Video2brain, especially the founder, Gerhard Koren, is very open minded to the Open Source world. See the photos I made, when I recorded the the DVD. But one of the biggest things is to convince the normal/usual business people that open source software is simply there and it is worth using it. They are thinking in terms of Microsoft Windows/Office. The Apple world is nice but it is far away from a significant market share in business offices in Europe.

I have also written books about Joomla! and Apache. Here in Germany these communities are bigger than the Drupal community. But when I saw Drupal for the first time I felt in love with it, so I continue my activities. Last year, I moved to France and in our new house, I am setting up a small video studio. So when Drupal 6 will be released, you could combine a one week holiday in sunny France with making video sessions for Drupal in different languages. But first I have to finish the studio. :-)

I think the video clips are a good way to show how everything is working together in Drupal. I am not a native English speaker, so my choice was the German language (sorry for my spaghetti English here). Books are also necessary and in the case of the "Pro Drupal Development" book a huge success. But the problem with books is always the fast development cycle of the open source world.

The remarks about the sales people and the technical people sounds a bit tainted to me. None of them is worth more than the other. They cannot live without each other and the challenge is to bring them together. That was one reason for me to try and organize a Drupal event in Germany in 2008 (Discussion at drupalcenter.de). It is still hard to start something but now there is at least a DrupalCon Berlin Group.

So I am sure that we will see each other in Berlin, or in a small video studio in Fitou with a good Fitou wine. :-)

Bettina (not verified):

Great idea, we will try to watch you working in your new studio. Sorry, meant: try to contribute :-) and have fun in France.