The Drupal Association sponsored 500 EUR (700 USD) to help the Hungarian Drupal user group pay for the venue of DrupalCon Hungary 2007 (pictures). They had a maximum capacity of 150 seats, and the conference sold out pretty quickly. In other words, the conference was a success, and it is great to see that the Drupal Association helped made this possible. Giving the Drupal community what it needs to flourish is exactly the goal of the Drupal Association.

To date, the Drupal Association's Board of Directors has been voting on sponsorship requests on a case per case basis. However, we would like to recruit an event coordinator that wants to manage a quarterly event budget. The Board of Directors would then approve the quarterly budget and the plan that requires the quarterly budget. We'd no longer vote on individual sponsorship requests.

So, part of the event coordinator's job would be to define the activities that we want to support and how we want to support these. It might not be an easy task as it will be impossible to distribute the available budget equitably among the many sponsorship opportunities around the world.

To further professionalize the Drupal event coordination, the event coordinator would also be responsible for providing visibility to Drupal events, for articulating best practices to event organizers, for making sure that Drupal is represented at strategic conferences, for shipping promotional materials around the world, for helping with the organization of the main international Drupal conferences, etc.

If this is something that interests you or if you have ideas or best practices to share, I'd love to read more about your thoughts and suggestions in the comments of this post.


Gábor Hojtsy (not verified):

First, thanks again for your support in making Drupal Conference Hungary possible.

Second, I'd like to share here too that I volunteered to help at some areas around event organization and know-how sharing: I am definitely not a good candidate for budgeting and shipping stuff (neither do I have the time), so I think I am better supporting these efforts "from the outside", making this coordinator's life easier. I am working with Moshe to make a better platform for event promotion and knowledge sharing.

Tao Starbow (not verified):

I don't know if this is feasible, but it would be a big help for an event like BADCamp, if the sponsors could some how make out their checks to the Drupal Association. And then we could get reimbursed for expenses. It hasn't felt comfortable telling companies to make out checks directly to me. I am sure we will work it out, but some support would be cool.

kk+ (not verified):

I have some experience doing this already with Boris Mann and the others here at Bryght and would be interested in throwing my hat in for the position if you thought I'd be a help in the position. Let me know! :)

Christine (not verified):

I am not really involved in this association, I am not a developer, I use Drupal personally and sometimes I recommend Drupal for companies.
Since a long time I organize national and European meetings, workshops and conferences for different topics.

When I view from outside on Drupal events I miss a link to the end-users of Drupal. Persons, companies and institutions which are not familiar (and not interested in) with all the programming and developing terminologies but which have to organize their (business) processes and have a need of creative solutions. They need an easy, well arranged access to experts and a basic understanding of the concepts.
At one hand it's a question of marketing and organization, on the other hand it's the question of the aims of Drupal as an open source project. If it is really the aim to spread the knowledge and possibilities of Drupal for developers, IT-consultants and end-users then should public bodies, companies, educational institutions be invited to events. A clear structured programme with different sections (development & programming, best practise, strategies of development, legal aspects,.co-operations, open workshops,....) would be helpful to integrate this target group.
For me it seems to be useful to organize events in European regions (north, east, west, south Europe) oversees and Africa, find big sponsors for regional and worldwide marketing, organize all these events on an equal structured platform, link to numerous local events, give space to promote and advertise drupal related actions - all to make it visible for the "rest" of the world.
May be, my external view could be helpful for the association to coordinate the worldwide activities.