Dries Buytaert

Spicing up my blog: venturing into new topics

I'm planning to widen my blog's scope to include a wider array of interests and passions.

I recently added a new page to my website, which displays the top 10 topics of each year. This page serves a dual purpose: it visualizes the evolution of my interests, and provides visitors with an overview of the core content of my site.

As I stared at this new page, it became very obvious that my blog has maintained a consistent focus throughout the years. The top categories have not changed meaningfully in 18 years. The recurring themes include , , , and . The latter, a long-term interest, has experienced ebbs and flows during this time.

Just as having the same cereal each day can become boring – a fact my wife kindly reminds me of – covering the same topics for 18 years can lead to a certain "predictability". This realization sparked a desire to spice things up!

A cabinet displaying jars, each with a different interest inside: travel, photography, electronics, tennis, food, investing, coffee, and more.
A cabinet with all my interests.

My blog history wouldn't suggest it, but I consider myself a person with many interests. Sometimes I have too many interests. As a result, I'm often drawn into various side projects – another fact my wife kindly reminds me of.

My point is that there are certainly different aspects of my life and interests that I could write more about. With that in mind, a goal for 2024 is to diversify my blog's content. I set a goal to introduce at least two new topics into my top 10 list for 2024, alongside Drupal and Acquia.

For example, I've been passionate about for 15 years. A few of my investments have generated a 5,000% return. Yet, I've been reluctant to write about investing for 15 years. The reasons for this hesitation are as diverse as a well-balanced investment portfolio: the challenge of finding enough time, moments of impostor syndrome, fear of confusing my long-term readers, and the sensitivity around discussing financial successes and failures.

Some might say that finance-related blog posts don't exactly bring the heat when it comes to spicing up a blog. They are probably right. But then I reminded myself that this blog is, first and foremost, for me. I write to learn and engage with readers. Consider this a heads-up: brace yourselves for some new flavors on my blog, from finance to who knows what else.

What I love most about blogging is how it stimulates my thoughts and sparks engaging discussions, often offline or via email. Introducing new two topics should most certainly lead to more of that. I look forward to such conversations.

— Dries Buytaert

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