Last week at DrupalCon Szeged I gave my traditional state of Drupal presentation. The video of the presentation is provided below, and you can download a copy of my slides (PDF, 11MB) as well.

The presentation discusses the results of the recent survey that I conducted; the survey ran for 30+ days and collected more than 1300 responses so it should provide a good idea of the community's current thinking. I'll provide more color and details about the survey results in a number of follow-up posts.



liviu (not verified):

Nice presentation. I'm new to drupal, 2 weeks old, but I'm already building 3 sites in it. It's a great site building tool with the CCK, faster to create a site in, then any of the php frameworks, yet still very flexible.

Martin Baker (not verified):

Very interesting. FWIW Dries' presentation starts at 37 mins in.

Anonymous (not verified):

Is there any way to download this video so I can watch it on the bus on my iPhone?

Amy Stephen (not verified):

Rock! Go WebChick - what an excellent choice! So well deserved and this speaks highly of this community. Again, another stellar presentation, Dries, thanks!