Sun Microsystems continues to develop a healthy interest in Drupal -- witness this video interview with Sun's Scott Mattoon. The video interview was taped back in October 2007, so Scott shared some updates on his blog. Rock on Scott!

We're fortunate enough that Sun has a been long term Drupal contributor and an active Drupal user. They are even a gold sponsor for the upcoming DrupalCon Boston.Thanks Sun!


Scott (not verified):

Thanks for the post, Dries. I hope to share some more cool Drupal related news from Sun at DrupalCon (hint: "apt-get" style integration in Solaris is coming for top tier open source packages). And did I mention we're offering a Sun Fire T1000 server to the winner of the Drupal Showcase?

If any of your readers are trying the latest OpenSolaris builds with Drupal, they'll want to read as there are a few issues with PHP and the mysqli client that Drupal 6 trips on in the brand new integrated Webstack.

theBorg (not verified):

These are good news indeed!

Scott, thanks for the installing tips, I'm thinking of moving my linux server to opensolaris.

happy eating (not verified):

Interesting video. Sun certainly are making an impact in the opensource world (guess they always have). Will be interesting to watch Sun's relationship with the Drupal community develop in the future.