As followers of this blog, you might have read that Acquia acquired two Drupal companies; security specialist Growing Venture Solutions and migration expert Cyrve. We wanted to do these acquisitions because they create a win-win-win situation; it is beneficial for the Drupal community, our partners and our customers. I personally championed and led those acquisitions so I want to take a moment to explain why.

How do these acquisitions affect Drupal?

I believe these acquisitions benefit Drupal by expanding its reach. Migration from legacy systems (like Vignette, RedDot and Interwoven) and from expensive enterprise solutions (like Jive Software, Adobe CQ5 and Sitecore) represents some of Drupal's biggest opportunities -- if not the biggest. My hope is that by acquiring and expanding Cyrve, we'll be able to bring more projects into Drupal. That leads to more site building work, more contributed module patches, and more people talking about their Drupal successes.

Similarly, Acquia's involvement in GVS gives it the resources it needs to pursue new security initiatives that will make Drupal more attractive to everybody. As always, we'll continue to return many developments to the community.

How do these acquisitions affect Acquia's customers?

Acquia's customer base has been growing rapidly, both in number and size. We plan to use these acquisitions to provide our customers with more product options and more experts. We will:

  • Offer automated, self-service security tools as part of the Acquia Network.
  • Integrate the services of both companies into our Professional Services group. We'll be expanding our security and migration teams, both by training existing consultants and by bringing new employees into the fold.
  • Incorporate their curricula into our existing materials so we can help train many more experts on Drupal security and Drupal migrations.

All of these are good for Acquia's customers. But they're also good for the Drupal community at large: we need more migrations and security experts in the community.

How do these acquisitions affect Acquia's partners?

Many of our partners build Drupal websites, but few have in-house security or migration expertise. With Cyrve and GVS, we can all approach joint customers with more-complete offerings. This enables our partners to go after bigger projects.

In short, I believe these acquisitions are beneficial for Drupal, our partners and our customers. However, some people have expressed concerns that, with these acquisitions, Acquia is sucking up a lot of the Drupal talent. Because that concern is not limited to these acquisitions, I've decided to address that in a separate blog post: Does Acquia suck up all the Drupal talent?.


Jurriaan Roelofs (not verified):

I think this is great because currently most Drupal shops, even the bigger ones, are too small to provide the full range of services/people that enterprise clients and big brands require. Acquia does well providing these services to others when needed, and bearing the financial risk while not needed.

Some other offerings I hope to see soon from external service providers:

  • Continuous integration support
  • Art direction, marketing
  • Design
  • Information architecture
  • People who know how to make 100+ page long proposals?
Tom Erickson (not verified):


we work with our partners regularly to put together large proposals for enterprise opportunities. Usually competing against players like Adobe, Sitecore, DSL Tridion or Jive. We have great wins with Dataflow, Phase2, Blink Reaction, Palantir, Mediacurrent, Forum One and dozens of others in situations like this. Our solution architecture team led by Chris Yates helps to put these proposals together.

We partner with the all of our partners on art direction, design, etc. These companies also work with other players, so many of the items you ask for above are available.