Kom op tegen kanker, the main Belgian charity that fights cancer, is using Drupal for their new campaign's website at http://www.laatwatzien.be/. In the next couple of weeks, the Flemish Radio- and Television Network (VRT) will be promoting the website on their networks (Een, Canvas, Donna, StuBru, Klara, Radio 1, Radio 2, etc).

While it may not be the prettiest Drupal website, to me it is worth more than MTV using Drupal, Sony using Drupal and PlayStation using Drupal together.

Kom op tegen kanker


Itkovian (not verified):

I think it's an excellent initiative, though I do find the age of 50 to be a bit high. I know a few women younger than 50 who had to battle breast cancer. I am also wondering why ages 50-69 should be affected most. Nowadays, women are advised to breastfeed their babies, as this might have a positive effect on the chances of getting breast cancer. However, the women that are aged 50 now, were encouraged to use artificial milk, afaik. So perhaps, the age category is related to this.

Dries Knapen (not verified):

Not only is it not pretty, it's also slow (while I'm at a high speed university network), clean urls are not enabled, there is a very limited and inconsistent use of path aliases (and when used, they're not always consistent with the page title either), ...

So while I initially was very enthusiastic about a website with such a degree of exposure using Drupal, I'm really sorry to say that I think this is a missed opportunity. This could have been so much more...

I just think that the mere fact that an important Belgian site uses Drupal is not good enough anymore to make me feel happy, or to make it a showcase to promote Drupal in Belgium. Such a website should not only use Drupal, it should also show what Drupal can do. Unfortunately, this site doesn't do that.

Frank Bambust (not verified):

Thank you for the comments, Dries, Steven. I would like to do better, and we still have time. The site is still up till the end of March. Are you willing to help me on this one?

Frank (the appalling builder of LaatWatZien.be ...)