Three weeks ago, at DrupalCon London, I gave my traditional State of Drupal presentation. In good tradition, you can download a copy of my slides (PDF, 37 MB) or you can watch a video recording of my keynote.

My presentation was based on the results of the State of Drupal survey, which got over 3,000 responses from people all over the world. Because I didn't have time to talk about all the survey questions in my keynote, I've decided to make a summary of all the survey results (PDF, 160 KB) available as well. It gives a more complete view on the survey results.

However, there is much more data hidden in the raw survey results, so if you'd like to do your own analysis, you can download a copy of the raw survey results (CSV format or XLS format) and look at the raw data yourself. I anonymized the data by removing the name and company information. If you decide to analyze the raw data, consider sharing your findings with all of us.

DrupalCon London was a blast and I would like to thank everyone for making it such a great event.


Lars Nielsen (not verified):

Hey Dries,
I were at DrupalCon London and heard your keynote. What are the plans right now to make a better presentation for buissiness decisionmakers? As it was mentioned, an average CEO browsing d.o. might think this is just a nerdy project not worth using time on.

Are there plans now to make a better presentation?

Regards Lars

dboulet (not verified):

Thanks for releasing this.

I can't believe the number of people who don’t understand the meaning of "in one word". :)

Thomas Svenson (not verified):

Thanks Dries for making this data available. It is interesting read. Have a few ideas on how to dig into it, if I get some time I will give it a shot and of course make the results available to the community.

Donnie Berkholz (not verified):

Nice slide deck. The survey PDF was a lot harder to parse since things weren't re-ordered by popularity in that. Instead of arbitrarily picking the top 3 things, you might consider looking for a natural break in how popular the top results were.