Two weeks ago, at DrupalCon Chicago, I gave my traditional State of Drupal presentation. In good tradition, you can download a copy of my slides (PDF, 52 MB) or you can watch a video recording of my keynote on

Just before DrupalCon,, a presentation development company, offered to help me with the production of my slides. I took them up on their offer. They helped me put together the video and helped me with the visuals, as well as the delivery. They went above and beyond to help me -- all free of charge. I think the slides were very effective in delivering the message so a big "Thank you!" to m62.


Miguel Hernandez (not verified):

Thank you, Dries! As someone who couldn't attend DrupalCon, I'm very grateful for all of the videos/slides being shared. Some really awesome developments! :)

--miguel aka techivist

Mikkel Høgh (not verified):

The names are all mixed up on slide 12 in the slides uploaded to slideshare. Crell is called “quicksketch”, Christian Schmidt is called Peter Wolanin, webchick is called plach, etc :)


Unfortunately, this is a problem with I'll file a bug with

The PDF version should have the right names.