I attended my first-ever yoga class at the Open Source CMS Summit here in Vancouver. Sarah Pullman organized a "Yoga for Geeks" class. Sarah, a Drupal user herself, showed us some simple exercises that (admittedly somewhat to my surprise) turned out to reveal and relieve quite a bit of muscle tension amongst us Drupal developers. Highly recommended and a must-have session on future Drupal conferences.

Sarah and robert
Sarah Pullman and Robert Douglass cranking out Drupal code.


Sarah (not verified):

Dries - I'm so glad you came to the session and even more glad that you found it worthwhile! :)

I registered yogaforgeeks.com yesterday - no site yet, but it'll be up as a Drupal site as soon as I can wrangle some design work in exchange for classes. ;)

It was great to meet you - come back to Canada soon.