I'm thrilled to announce that Acquia has received $15 million in its fourth round of funding -- that is about twice as much as any of our earlier rounds (series A, series B, series C). Our previous investors affirmed their confidence by participating in this round; they were joined by Tenaya Capital, which has roots in both the San Francisco Bay Area and our home turf of Boston. Tenaya brings more than money: Tenaya's Brian Paul will join our Board of Directors as well.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be at Acquia. Since the series C last November, our staff size has almost doubled, from 70 to 130. We're bursting out of our office space and will be moving to a bigger, 35,000 square feet office soon. We needed all those people to service our thousand-plus enterprise customers, and to plan for the future with new initiatives, such as Dev Cloud and the newly revised Acquia Network. We broke revenue records in Q1 and Q2 this year, following an extremely successful 2010.

Fundraising rounds usually occur either when a company is doing very well, or when it's doing very badly. When it's doing well, investors want to get in on the action to score big. When it's doing badly, current investors hope to turn it around to avoid losing everything they'd already put into it. By all measures, Acquia is doing very well, and this round of funding only confirms that. This is what is called a "growth round", with the money directed toward two objectives:

  • Increase sales and marketing, particularly outside the U.S.. It's clear that there are tremendous opportunities for enterprise Drupal outside of the U.S., as our partners prove every day. We'll start by focusing on Western Europe, but are already planning expansion into Asia.
  • Acquire talent and products that complement Acquia's own. These "acquia-sitions" (as we jokingly call them) will continue to beef up our staff, expand our product offerings, and respond to requests we've gotten over our three and a half years in business.

Acquia's growth is a testament to the growth of Drupal; we'll continue to give back to the Drupal community in everything what we do. Acquia wouldn't have made it this far without our customers, our partners, our employees and our friends. Thank you!


Nik Roberts (not verified):

Fantasic news, Dries! This is a sure sign that there is confidence in the large and buoyant market that's out there for Drupal services. And the investment that you and Acquia put into Drupal will keep on building that confidence.

I hope you're all having a glass of something fizzy.

PIerluigi (not verified):

This is a good new for all the Acquia Partners too. We benefit of your growth and at the same time we hope to bring value to your company supplying every day high professional Drupal services to our clients.

Cin cin

Jamie (not verified):

Congrats for your continued and seemingly exponential growth! Do you have any plans to establish a UK/Western European office at some stage if your business growth outside of the US goes well?

Jakub Suchy (not verified):

Hi Jamie,

we already have an UK office and strongly growing there! We are based in Oxford and London, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you need to discuss anything.


Mike Johnston (not verified):

Congratulations on the success of Acquia. The company has come quite far over the last while and it's nice to see adoption and continued growth is on the rise.

palik (not verified):

Great to hear that Acquia is in so good shape!

Could you put some scope (maybe in future blog posts) on two things - 1) which were the key success factors in Acquia and 2) how do you manage service calls, mainly incidents - what is really important here - response times, escalation, early detection or maybe prevention?

Thanks in advance and Go Drupal Go! :)