Taken from this press release at News Yahoo!:

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said on Monday his for-profit company, Wikia Inc., is ready to give away -- for free -- all the software, computing, storage and network access that website builders need to create community collaboration sites.

The press release mentions that Wikia considers including support for Drupal. I have since talked briefly to Jimmy Wales, and they would like to reach out to the Drupal community and Drupal experts to help figure out how they can make that happen ...

As web content management systems and blogging tools become commodity, mass hosting and deployment services (i.e. installation, configuration, upgrading, patching, cloning, import and export, backup and restore, customization, compliance tracking, etc) will become increasingly important.

We already started taking Drupal into that direction, and much of that will be rolled out with Drupal 5. ;-) There is a tremendous amount of experience to be gained, but also a significant amount of Drupal work left to be done. I'm looking forward to help work on this more and I hope other people do too. Hot stuff!


toemaz (not verified):

Reading the press release, I'm wondering what the Wikia business plan would be. They are able to raise a lot of money and I suppose the return will not only come from advertising on the Wikia homepage. I'm really curious about their plan.

bertboerland (not verified):

Yes interesting indeed. However most business plans nowadays seem to be to get as many people ("users") and their content on board as possible and then -but only then- make solid business plan.

Good examples?

YouTube burning money with almost no income until they where bought. Flickr, Delicious, etc.

"Bubble? What bubble?"

Riccardo (not verified):

I think it's a positive development that good initiatives are not stopped just for not having "a business plan".
Finally we (human beings, the society) have started to develop and execute ideas without letting ourselves being limited by the fact that we have to make money out of it.

Isn't that the essence of community thinking?
And isn't internet precisely the right instrument for it?

Even if in a later stage money is being earned because of their obvious important usefulness and added value (not talking $$), I say bravo for both Drupal and Wikipedia to at least have started the in "community way".

Travis C (not verified):

As interesting as this sounds, I can't help but think it sounds like Geocities with OSS support... I'm currious to see what kind of bandwidth/space restrictions and how customizable/configurable everything will be.

Alan (not verified):

This sounds like a very interesting step, good luck. What I don't understand is the business model of wikipedia? As this page is always ranking high in search engines but isn't covering ads. How can they pay their servers without an income. Would be interesting to read some lines here about this topic.

Anonymous (not verified):

Where is it?
2010 is almost here and no updates?